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Cancellation Policy

“The (Meeting Group) agrees that should this event cancel, the Resort would be damaged and the actual calculation of those damages would be difficult or impossible to determine.  The following represents a reasonable effort by the Meeting Group and Resort to establish damages in the event of such a cancellation.  The schedule shall represent “liquidated damages”:

Notice of Cancellation: From signing of this agreement to event date

Liquidated Damages: One hundred percent (100%) of the anticipated revenue as described in this Agreement

For purposes of this agreement, anticipated revenues shall mean the total sum of room revenue (room nights multiplied by Meeting Group’s Suite Rate), food and beverage minimum and meeting room rental (if applicable) that would have been realized by Resort had this meeting taken place as scheduled pursuant to this agreement.
Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, there shall be no right to cancel this meeting at any time for the sole purpose of holding the meeting at any other facility or city.

 Date of cancellation is effective upon receipt of written notice. Should a cancellation take place (postponement of a meeting is considered a cancellation), it is provided that the Resort will make a reasonable effort to recover all of the suite revenue, function space service fees and food and beverage revenue lost by the cancellation of the entire program.  Upon cancellation, the required cancellation fee noted above is due within thirty- (30) days.  The Resort will provide documented proof as to the suite amounts due and owing the Meeting Group thirty (30) days of the departure date if the entire program is replaced. 

However, any difference in the revenue earned from the resale of suites, function space, and food and beverage as mandated by the Meeting Group’s program, or any actual costs incurred by the Resort will be retained by the Resort.”

The performance of this Agreement is subject to the acts of God, war, disease or medical epidemics or outbreaks, terrorism, government regulation, disaster, strikes, civil disorder, or other emergency in the Las Vegas area or in the countries/states of origin or both that would prevent or unreasonably delay more than 25% of attendees and guests from appearing. This Agreement may be terminated or revised without liability for any one or more of such reasons by written notice by either party.